Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"WIP"ing along...

Ha - thought my title was witty, but it just looks like I'm cleaning up!  Well, maybe I am, since I am working at cleaning up all the piles of projects I have going on in the sewing room these days....

This is a second sample for my newest pattern - Jolie.  I love the fabric - from the Sweet Serenade line.  The blocks came out great, and the center went together great, then I hit a roadblock.  The fabric I chose for the inner border just wasn't working.  I love the patchy chevron but it had zero contrast with the center, and that's the entire purpose of having the inner border!  What to do?

I had the bright idea of adding a narrow flange.  I found a lovely peachy fabric that was perfect, but realized that if I pressed the flange toward my center I'd be hiding my lovely points...nope, didn't want to do that.  Then I realized why flanges always press in toward the center - in order to add them going the other way you have to miter the border!  Ok, I can do that.  Unfortunaterly, when I realized I needed to make my inner border 1/4 inch wider to make up for the flange covering part of it I forgot to add the 1/2 inch for seams.  So, now my inner border is actually only 1/2 inch showing instead of the 1 inch.  Sigh.  
But now the top is done.  I need to quilt it up, but I am mostly happy with the end result.  It will be hanging in Threads That Bind for a while to sell some of that pretty fabric, which I am sure it will do nicely.

How are your WIP's (Works In Progress) coming along?  I hope you don't have as many problems with your projects as this one gave me!  

Check out the Quiltsy Blog to see what my fellow quilters are up to this week!  Feel free to add your own link and share your projects as well.


  1. Love the fabric choose and a great idea on the borders!

  2. Very appealing ... Love the musical notes in there!


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